UpDog Game Strategy by Lucky Mutt Dog Training

UpDog Game Strategy by Lucky Mutt Dog Training

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Do you want to succeed in UpDog Challenge games? We want to help you get there. We want you to be prepared whether you're just starting out or if you're an intermediate player and want to take your level up to a pro-level! This course is made for all skill levels. 

We are also encouraging you to send us videos (new, old, or in the future) of you playing the games! We'd love to give you REAL tips to help you achieve more right away!

What is included
-Lifetime access.
-Fun and engaging ONLINE instruction.
-In-depth knowledge of all UpDog Games.
-Multiple strategies to give you ideas for any dog new or experienced to succeed and succeed BETTER!
-Video analysis help
-Preparation for how to sign up, play & achieve in UpDog games! 
-How to create a strategy for your dog(s).
-Learn skills that will be needed to be successful in UpDog games
-Throw n Go
-Time Warp
-Spaced Out
-Far Out

This instruction is through, Lucky Mutt Dog Training & the Fairly Odd Dogs, not the UpDog Challenge. We are in no way affiliated with the UpDog Challenge organization.